Enhance your intellectual performance

Spatial skills are the only component of your IQ that has been proven to be improvable. IQube gives you the tools to train them in a fun and challenging way, tailored to your cognitive needs.

Enhance your intellectual performance

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Train your intelligence

Boost your intellectual potential

Based on research from the MIT. Many prestigious psychologists all over the world agree on one thing: spatial intelligence is trainable and can be improved. Spatial intelligence is one of the most important components of general intelligence and is used in many psychometric tools to test and calculate IQ.
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Research has shown that training spatial intelligence leads to higher intellectual performance; it has been shown to improve grades in STEM domains, to improve math ability, to boost coding skills, among many other things!

Get intellectually ahead of others:

  • Improve your spatial intelligence
  • Boost performance in STEM domains (Chemistry, architecture, medicine, programming, engineering, math…)
  • Enhance your IQ & intellectual potential
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See how your progress compares with other users’. See with great detail in what things you are superior and in what things you are weaker.

Try to climb up the rankings and get on the top 10 best performing users!

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Challenge your mind & keep it sharp

Keep your mind in shape


At age 25, our cognitive abilities (including intelligence) peak. After 25, all of them start to decline quite rapidly. Your intelligence and sharpness curb each year, as you become older.

Don’t let your brain rot. Train your mind and keep it in shape!

The training program uses AI to adapt to your strengths and weaknesses

100% Tailored to you

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Each person has unique strengths and weaknesses. There are many variables that affect the success of training interventions on spatial intelligence: how fast you react/answer, the difficulty of each item, the shape of each object in the item, their angle of rotation, among many others.

Our software will take care of everything and create a unique training 100% tailored to you, which will adapt as you progress.

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Boost your intellectual potential & keep your mind in shape.