Will training Spatial Intelligence increase my IQ?

This is a tough question. The short answer is: We don’t know. The long answer is: Maybe. Spatial Intelligence is improvable. It is also one of the most important components of IQ, measured by tests such as the WAIS (in the WAIS, Spatial Intelligence is measured with the Perceptual Reasoning Scale, a sub-scale that aims to measure Spatial Intelligence). Therefore, In all the IQ tests in which spatial intelligence is measured, your results in their spatial reasoning scales will improve, and thus so will your IQ. Does it mean you have become smarter? Well, science does not yet know for sure if obtaining a higher IQ score through improving Spatial Intelligence necessarily means that you have gotten smarter, since it hasn’t particularly been extensively tested yet. It is a complicated and long topic. However, researchers have seen that improving Spatial Intelligence leads to better performance in STEM-related domains (for example, students who at first were not able to pass certain courses could successfully pass with good grades after receiving training in Spatial Intelligence). They have also seen that better spatial intelligence means better math skills, stronger coding skills, and higher likelihood of success in STEM, among others. That’s exactly what you would expect from someone who’s gotten smarter; higher intellectual performance.

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